The Time is Right to Pursue a Second Citizenship!

Apr 5, 2021

The Time is Right to Pursue a Second Citizenship!

It may appear paradoxical to assert that the time to actively pursue second citizenship is now, during Covid-19 which has and continues to negatively impact global health, economies, and social structures. More stringent restrictions have been placed on global mobility not only through the closing of international borders but also in the inability to obtain visas as embassies remain closed or limit the number of visas that are issued. For many, this has not only impacted their businesses but their personal lives. The restrictions placed on the freedom of movement and the ability to socialize and interact personally are impacting both physical and mental health. This however is the present reality.

The Covid pandemic has brought to the fore more than ever, the importance of being with family and friends, having access to quality health care, being able to cross borders, and the need to embrace new opportunities for sustaining livelihoods. Political, economic, and social stability remain linchpins of an enhanced quality of life.

What Options are Available?

Second citizenship is a viable and realistic alternative to the new reality. It offers expanded options for global mobility as well as for economic and social growth which will redound to the new city as a matter of “right”. Second citizenship should not be equated with residency where only select options and opportunities are available to the resident. A second passport offers the holder the freedom and security to live, work and recreate in a stable environment in like manner to any other citizen. There are added benefits which include tax-free incentives and a ready market for doing business. The possibilities are vast. 

In addition, many Caribbean Governments are offering very attractive limited-time offers during the pandemic to persons wishing to become citizens. Saint Lucia for example, has expanded its Covid-19 Relief Bond offering for another year. The bond is redeemable for the full face value at the end of the term for which it is being held. The Covid-19 Relief Bond has been reduced to as little as half the investment required under the normal bond option. Saint Kitts and Nevis responded to the pandemic with the launch of the Sustainable Growth Fund  (SGF) Limited Time Offer which was recently extended to 31st December 2021. Under this option, a family of four persons is required to contribute the SGF of only US$150,000.00 which under the normal (pre-Covid) SGF option is the contribution required to be made by a single applicant. These and other offers are of extremely great value and there is no indication that they will be extended beyond 2021.

Who to Contact?

The ideal time to pursue second citizenship for you and your loved ones is now.  Are you ready to explore the world of possibilities that await you? If so, we invite you to visit our website at: and have a look at the numerous options available. Our experienced CCS Business Team will be happy to discuss your particular needs and tailor an option that is best suited for you. Please feel free to send us a message via our website or email us at and our Team will contact you for a complimentary, no-obligation consultation. We hope you are as excited as we are at the prospect of the freedoms and security that await you and your family.