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Second Citizenship

Government Authorized Local Service Provider


CCS is a Government Authorized Citizenship by Investment agency for many of the Caribbean and other countries we represent.


We here at CCS are proud to have helped over 1000 families from across the world fulfil their dream of a second passport!


The CCS team is composed of experienced immigration lawyers who help clients achieve success in  their second citizenship application.




Second Citizenship By Investment Agency

Citizenship and Corporate Service Ltd (CCS) is a leading immigration agency that specializes in Caribbean Citizenship by Investment programs and European Residency by Investment Programs. With more than three-decades of experience, we here at CCS seek to make what is otherwise regarded as a complicated procedure into something that is affordable and hassle-free. As a licensed second passport service provider, we can legally make applications on behalf of our clients directly to the various Governments. Acquiring dual citizenship and a second passport holds due importance in the current geopolitical and economic landscape.

As an accredited second citizenship by investment agency, we are fully networked and have esteemed partners across the globe including Saint Kitts and Nevis, China, Russia, the Middle East, Dubai, Nigeria, the United Kingdom, Canada, Antigua and Barbuda, Dominica, Grenada, and Saint Lucia. Not only can we help you through your second citizenship by investment application process, but we tailor the available programs to suit to individual requirements. To know more about our service or to receive a customized quote against your citizenship by investment requirement, send us an enquiry today!

Discover a World of Possibilities

Citizenship By Investment

Discover first-hand the lucrative benefits offered by dual citizenship through citizenship by investment programs!



Residency By Investment

Earn the right to live, work, or study in many top ranked countries globally through our residency by investment programs!

Why Should you Invest in a Second Citizenship?


Dual citizenship can help you secure your family from difficult situations such as political or economic unrest in your home country.


The freedom to travel offered by a second passport can open up new avenues for growth for global business persons.


Based on the citizenship or residency program of your choice, you can gain the freedom to travel visa free to more than 160 countries.


Citizenship in most of the countries comes with no additional tax burden and for the well structured investor can even lead to tax savings!


With a second passport not only do you gain full citizenship rights for life, but you can also pass down the benefits to future generations.


Most second citizenship programs can be fully completed in less than six months and with our expert guidance in most cases even less!

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