St. Lucia CIP Revises Suspensions to Include Iranian Citizens

Apr 7, 2023

On February 20th, 2023, the St. Lucia Citizenship by Investment Unit issued an update confirming the suspension of Citizenship by Investment Applications from three specified jurisdictions. Considering ongoing global events, citizens of The Russian Federation and

The Republic of Belarus continue to be ineligible for the programme. The largest development however was the reintroduction of Iran onto the suspension list following a brief, 5-month eligibility window for Iranian citizens.

In an official memorandum, the St. Lucia Citizenship by Investment Unit had announced that as of the 14th of September 2022, Iranian citizens would once again be eligible for St. Lucian citizenship. The overturning of the 2022 memorandum does not leave Iranian citizens without investment options in the Caribbean – the Dominica Citizenship by Investment Programme is open to eligible Iranian citizens without exception.

Similarly to the St. Lucia Citizenship Programme, Dominica offers:
• Affordable investment Options, a minimum $100,000 government donation and a minimum $200,000 real estate investment
• Efficient Processing: Citizenship in 3 to 5 months
• Significant Passport Power: global mobility with visa-free access to over 140+ territories
• Generational Benefits: Citizenship passed on to children

To discuss your eligibility for your programme of choice, get in touch today and explore all your options for second citizenship.