Dec 29, 2015

St. Lucia on 29 December 2015 launched its Citizenship by Investment Program, which makes it the fifth such program to be established in the Eastern Caribbean. The tagline for the program is: “St. Lucia Simply Good”. Overall the new Program has its legal foundations in the Constitution of St. Lucia and the Citizenship by Investment Act, No.14 of 2015 as amended. The purpose of the Program is to encourage direct foreign investment into the country. The Citizenship by Investment Unit is the authority responsible for all matters relating to the Program.

Pathways to Citizenship:-

There are three main pathways to obtaining Citizenship in St. Luca:-

  1. The first is a nonrefundable donation to the Government – National Economic Fund (NEF),
  2. The second is by investing in a Government approved Real Estate Project
  3. The third is by investment into Government Bond.