Residency By Investment

Golden Visas – Residency By Investment

Residency by investment allows affluent individuals to relocate while also granting them the ability to live, work, study, and receive comprehensive healthcare in their new country. Simply put, it is a visa status that permits the applicant to remain in the host nation without being a citizen and without the added benefits accorded to citizens such as the right to vote. Holding more than three decades of experience in the immigration industry, we at CCS offer permanent residency by investment in some of the world’s leading destinations in terms of standard of living, business environment and the possibility of acquiring citizenship.

As experts, we take pride in our clients who rely on our expertise and experience in this area. Our highly qualified professionals work together as a team and offer a dedicated customer-focused approach to meet your specific requirements. For further details on our residency and citizenship by investment programs, send us an enquiry, and we’ll be in touch!

Golden Visa Programs


  • Visa-free to 140+ Counties
  • Starting from USD $100,000
  • }Residency in 3-4 months


  • Visa-free to 130+ Counties
  • Starting from USD $100,000
  • }Residency in 3-4 months


  • Visa-free to 130+ Counties
  • Starting from USD $150,000
  • }Residency in 3-4 months

Benefits of The Residency By Investment Program


In the event of political turmoil in one’s native nation, permanent residency by investment in a stable, tranquil country can be life-saving. For investors and their families, this form of insurance is invaluable.


Upon applying for residency through investment, applicants are provided with the opportunity to set up their business in the host nation as well as other countries across the globe.


Residency in countries such as EU member states enable travel throughout the EU for Golden Visa holders and significantly boost mobility!


Permanent residency may be useful in terms of tax planning. Cyprus, for example, has one of Europe’s lowest income tax rates. This enables investors to more efficiently and successfully manage their capital.


Golden Visa programs are open to the applicant’s family members as well which can open doors to many opportunities in terms of world class health care, education, and quality of life for the entire family.


Education is essential for a successful global citizen’s existence. By qualifying for local rather than international tuition costs, candidates and their children can attend world renowned schools at cheaper prices.

Permanent Residency By Investment

Each country’s residency by investment scheme has its own set of standards that candidates must meet. Some programs, for example, require applicants to go to the host country a specified number of times, while others do not. However, there are specific requirements that all such programs must meet:

  • RApplicants must hold a clean criminal record
  • RApplicants should be able to submit a legal source of investment funds
  • RApplicants should either invest in real estate, government bonds, or a national economic fund

Why Choose CCS For Permanent Residency By Investment

Integrity is the greatest way to describe the team at CCS. Over the years, we have created and maintained a large network of partners and agents certified to promote our products and services and who receive round-the-clock support from us. From program selection to application submission and beyond, we collaborate with our clients and partners to create a hassle-free process. We strive to simplify and streamline the process, assuring clients of a relaxed experience.