Biometric Passport Rolls Out in Dominica – What You Need to Know About it and the Citizenship by Investment Program

Jul 12, 2021

Dominica’s Citizenship has recently begun issuing biometric passports for its citizens. Simply put, this travel document is a standard passport booklet embedded with an electronic chip on its cover. This stores all the personal information of the passport bearer including fingerprints, biometric face details, and other particulars in order to verify the bearer’s identity when traveling. The Passport is valid for five (5) years after which it can easily be renewed for another 5 years and thereafter throughout the passport holder’s lifetime.

Dominica’s Citizenship by Investment Program is popular among individuals for a variety of reasons including the fact that it is affordable across all income groups. It offers freedom of movement to over 135 countries visa-free which means that persons holding the Commonwealth of Dominica’s Passport can travel to these countries without having to apply for a visa. Visa-free countries include popular destinations such as the UK, Singapore, and the twenty-six (26) Schengen Countries.


Below we discuss some of the most important benefits of the Citizenship by Investment Program:

Hassle-Free Application Process:-

Dominica is a popular option for obtaining a second passport because of how simple the application requirements are and how quickly and efficiently an application is processed by the Citizenship by Investment Unit. Dominica in fact has one of the shortest application turnaround rates globally. Applicants can receive citizenship within three months and in many instances, in a shorter period. Moreover, applicants are not required to take any language or other test, attend interviews or have any prior work experience in order for them to be eligible to apply.

Ability to Apply for Extended Family:-

Dominica’s CBI Program is renowned for being an efficient and straightforward process. The Program allows applicants to apply as single candidates as well as a family. This means that you can apply for your spouse, children who are under the age of 30 years, siblings up to the age of 25 years, and dependent parents. Under the Program, therefore, you can apply for citizenship not only for yourself but for your extended family so that if you chose to relocate to the Commonwealth of Dominica, your entire family will be able to move with you.

Zero Tax:-

Dividends, inheritances, capital gains, and foreign-earned income are all tax-free in Dominica. There are also numerous other tax incentives for companies which make it an excellent country in which to invest. Furthermore, benefits such as double taxation agreements with other countries make it a worthy choice as you will not be liable to pay taxes on the same income or other assets in multiple countries.

Physical Residency is Not Required:-

There are no physical residency requirements for this CBI Program and applicants are not required to pay a visit before, during, or after the application process. This element of the Program is particularly desirable as an inability to travel to Dominica during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic in no way prevents you from applying for citizenship under the CBI Program.

Citizenship for Life:-

Following approval of your application and upon receiving your naturalization certificate, you will have been granted citizenship of the Commonwealth of Dominica for a lifetime. The Dominica Citizenship by Investment Program is particularly attractive to applicants as they can pass citizenship down to their descendants.

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