Antigua and Barbuda Reduces Its CBI Donation By 50%

Sep 15, 2018

The Government of Antigua and Barbuda has announced a reduction of fifty percent (50%) in the donation amount that applicants for citizenship are required to make under the National Development Fund. Citizenship and Corporate Services Ltd has been reliably informed that the new donation amounts are only:

New Price Structure:-

– US$100,000 – for a family of up to 4 persons

– US$125,000 – for a family of 5 or more persons.

Barbuda, the sister island of Antigua was devastated by Hurricane Irma in September 2017 which required the evacuation to Antigua of all persons living on the island. This reduction in the donation amount for citizenship is to raise much-needed funds to rebuild Barbuda.

Antigua and Barbuda now offers the cheapest donation option in all the five countries in the Caribbean that offer Citizenship by Investment Programs, namely, Saint Kitts and Nevis, the Commonwealth of Dominica, Saint Lucia, Grenada, and Antigua and Barbuda. The effective date for implementation of the new donation amount is expected to be in the next month as the legal requirements are currently being finalized.