Where to Go? Citizenship by Investment Visa-Free Country Comparison

Jan 23, 2022

Citizenship by Investment programmes offer strong passport options that expand global mobility like never before. The list of countries accessible without the requirement for a visa is growing year by year. All programmes guarantee hassle-free access to the United Kingdom, Schengen Zone and Singapore, but some passports stand out with unique advantages when it comes to unrestricted travel.

Antigua and Barbuda

With four possible investment routes to citizenship, Antigua and Barbuda offers a wide range of options for individuals eager to explore Citizenship by Investment. The programme is especially economical for large families and citizens enjoy access to over 150 countries visa free.


Dominica recently added China to its growing list of over 140 visa-free destinations, after signing a remarkable agreement (Read more). The “Nature Isle of the Caribbean” joined Grenada as one of the few CBI programmes with this unique waiver.


Grenada is the first Citizenship by Investment territory to grant citizens visa-free travel to China, adding another global powerhouse economy to its repertoire of over 140 visa-free countries. Moreover, access to the E-2 treaty with the United States of America offers enterprising investors a unique opportunity to establish themselves in North America.

St.Kitts and Nevis

St. Kitts and Nevis has been actively building its international ties and rapidly growing its visa-free access across Europe, South America, and beyond (Read more). The recent spree of agreements brought the small Caribbean country’s visa-free destinations to 161, becoming the number one passport in the Caribbean and the 24th in the world.

St. Lucia

Despite being one of the younger CBI programmes in the Caribbean, St.Lucia boasts visa-free access to over 145 countries. As the island continues to expand its international relations and offer unique routes to investment via government bonds, it has become the go to programme for global individuals seeking out alternative investment options.


Vanuatu passport holders have access to over 130 territories visa free including Russia, Hong Kong and the Schengen area. The South Pacific nation’s streamlined process makes it one of the fastest Citizenship by Investment programmes available, with the processing complete in as little as 60 days.

Want to learn more about the benefits of Citizenship by Investment Programs? Read more by visiting: www.ccscaribbean.com/citizenship-by-investment